The reinforcement of the substructure and the exchange of the artificial surface of the football pitch at ul. Sulechowska in Zielona Gora

The works included the exchange of the artificial surface of the football pitch together with the reinforcement of the substructure. The sports field was qualified for playing high rank matches FIFA **. It was confirmed that the parameters of the surface system conform to the FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf .
On the construction area there were no problems with ground water, and the subsoil was a soil with a high filtration coefficient. The existing substructure did not transmit the loads, especially while taking care of and maintaining the surface, as well
as during the mechanical removal of snow. During the works, there appeared local deformations of the substructure with local depressions on the surface. To improve the load capacity of the substructure, we used the PINEMA BG cellular system.
An appropriately compacted backfill in the form of broken stone with a grain size of 0-31,5mm together with the PINEMA BG geocell system counteracts the uneven settlement of the sports field surface. Moreover, the compacted layer of the upper fill 50mm thick prevents the cellular geonet from impressing on the turf. On the substructure prepared that way the artificial turf was laid, which was then sprinkled with quartz sand and green rubber pellets.