The Warta Valley VII – rebuilding the right-side levee in rural/urban commune Warta

The works included the renovation of the levees on the Warta River from the administrative borders of Sieradz to the regional road running through Rossoszyca. To stabilise the top of the levee, we used geosynthetics in the form of the non-woven geotextile fabric and the cellular geonet. The non-woven geotextile fabric was used for separation and filtration; it allows a free movement of gases and water, holding simultaneously the aggregate and preventing it from being washed out from the cellular geonet laid along the top of the levee.

The use of the PINEMA BG geocell system reduces the number of layers building the base course of roads and maintains and stabilises bluffs and embankments. A set of bands of a specific height, combined by ultrasonic welding, structurally similar to a honeycomb, improves the mechanical parameters of the aggregate in the cells after it has been filled with aggregate and compacted. The aggregate that fills the cells is blocked by the walls of the system, which makes them more compacted. Moreover, the aggregate grains wedge between each other which improves the internal friction angle of the fill.

The well compacted fill with the PINEMA BG geocell system counteracts the uneven settlement and reduces vertical forces. This modifies the thickness of the structural layer of the base course appropriately. Moreover, the use of the PINEMA BGgeocell system helps to stop washing out the aggregate, which increases the stabilisation and improves the anti-erosion properties of bluffs and embankments.