The construction of forest road no. 28 of broken stone with the conversion of the existing exits in the Forest District Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Leśnictwo Potoczek – precinct Okół

The plan was to perform construction works consisting in the construction of forest road no. 28 with the conversion of the existing exits on district road 0755T. The structure of the road requires that the loads from the vehicles used for transportation in the forest and enables the access of special vehicles in the event of a fire. The description of the projected solutions included the construction of a 3.5m wide roadway made of broken stone and mechanically stabilised 0/31.5mm and 0/63mm and the PINEMA BG geogrid together with the ALTEX PP T non-woven geotextile fabric.

The use of the PINEMA BG geocell system has improved the load capacity of the soil on the section km 0+600,00 to km 1+890,00. A set of bands of a specific height,
combined by ultrasonic welding, structurally similar to a honeycomb, improves the mechanical parameters of the aggregate in the cells after it has been filled with aggregate and compacted. The aggregate that fills the cells is blocked by the walls of the system, which makes them more compacted. Moreover, the aggregate grains wedge between each other which improves the internal friction angle of the fill.

The well compacted fill with the PINEMA BG geocell system counteracts the uneven settlement and reduces vertical forces. This modifies the thickness of the structural layer of the base course appropriately.