The construction of a grassy surface and the soil stabilisation under the fire access road in ul. Powązkowska in Warsaw

The scope of the construction works included the construction of a fire access road with a grassy surface and the soil stabilisation under the road in the area of residential buildings.

To reinforce and stabilise the soil under the road, the soil was stabilised on the surface with the10 cm high PINEMA BG cellular geonet laid on the woven geotextile fabric or non-woven geotextile fabric. The design solution decreases and equalises the level of vertical stresses in the ground by dissipating them, and, as a consequence, secures the structure of the road against the excessive and uneven settlement.

The plan was to stabilise the surface of the soil with the PINEMA BG cellular geonet with a mesh 16 x 16 cm and the height of 5.0 cm. The space of the cellular geonet was filled with the mixture of the plant soil and sand. Mechanically stabilised, it secured the grassy surface against ruts.

The use of the PINEMA BG geocell system in the construction of fire access roads helps reduce the layers of the base course as well as maintain and stabilise the soil. The appropriately compacted fill together with the geocell system prevents uneven settlement of the ground, stabilises the individual layers of the ground and strengthens the layers of the road surface structure.