Development of a fire access no. 2 in the forestry Bobrówka on the territory of the Forest District Torzym

The scope of the construction works included the preservation of the pavement and the maintenance of forest roads on the territory of the Forest District Torzym employing several technologies. The existing soil was stabilized with the non-woven geotextile fabric and the PINEMA BG cellular geonet.

The stabilisation of the soil with low load capacity through filling the cells of the geogrid with compacted aggregate creates a spatial system that works as a semi-stiff plate strengthening the soil. The subject of the contract was the supply of the cellular geonet together with the fixing elements in the form of J-shaped steel anchors and fixing bands. The basic element of the PINEMA BG geocell system is sections made of several dozen bands made of high density polyethylene. When it is spread, the system of connected bands creates a flexible structure that can be filled with a specific material. The spatial structure of the cellular geonet was made for optimum transmission of forces, reduction of pressure, and minimisation of costs to achieve satisfying soil parameters on geotechnically difficult soils.