KTC 014 (H3, W4, B)

System name:KTC 014
Barrier type:road, dividing
Protection level:H3
Operating width:W4
Crash intensity level:B
Vehicle intrusion class:VI6
Dynamic deflection (m):>1,0
Distance between posts (m):1,33
Length of the tested system:60
Length of the first and last sections (m):2 X 12
Height of the barrier above the ground (m):1,10

Elements KTC 014 – 100 mb Number [pcs]
Guide SB 4320/3  50
Guide SB 4320/4  50
Road post SD-1,68CH16  75
Absorber KH 290  150
Absorber KH 190  150
Hexagon screw M16x30 set  300
 Mushroom screw M16x45 set  1100
 Rectangular washer  H 4x40x80  300