Geogrids – kind of flat geosynthetics composed of intersecting strands of polymer on the respective strengths and spacing adapted to work with the land and coarse aggregates. The perpendicular arrangement of the strands forming the mesh grid to interact with coarse aggregate stone on the principle of “engagement”.

Geogrids are manufactured mostly from polypropylene, polyester or fiberglass, but more and more often used as carbon fibers and poliwinylowoalkoholowe.

Geogrids plane may be in the form of intermingled strands (with flexible nodes). They are obtained by combining thermal fins in their crossing. Geogrids are another type, or materials of a uniform grid pattern formed by extrusion suitably cut film (rigid nodes).

The company Alliance Trade Sp. o.o. is the exclusive distributor in Poland geogrid with georigid nodes E’Grid. The principle of this product for the reinforcement of the ground is to wedging of the aggregate geosynthetic between the ribs, thereby increasing the shear strength of the entire unit. This mechanism causes the dispersion of point loads over a large area. Due to the high stiffness of the material stresses from the ground they are transferred immediately to the structure of geosynthetic.

The offer also products made of glass fibers and the remaining range of materials for soil reinforcement and asphalt pavements.