(Cellular geogrids)

The cellular geogrid of AT CELL, otherwise known as the Geocell, is composed of textured and perforated high-density plastic strips (HDPE). The band, which is connected by ultrasonic welding of tapes of a certain height, constitutes a system which is the same as the “honeycomb” structure, which, after crushing and concentrating, improves the mechanical parameters of the aggregate. Spatial structure is created for optimum transmission of forces, reduction of pressures and minimisation of inputs to achieve satisfactory soil parameters on difficult geotechnical substrates, or with unregulated relations Water. The AT CELL Geogrid is produced in sections with sizes tailored to the nature of the realization. HDPE polyethylene is a soft and prone material that is easy to form, so that the section cells can be freely shaped.

The mechanism of operation of the Geocells AT CELL

The use of the AT CELL Geocell system allows to reduce the layers of road substructures and to maintain and stabilized grading and planting. Soil or aggregate cells are blocked through the walls of the system, resulting in better density. In addition, the process of mutual wedging of aggregates is observed, which positively affects the friction angle of the internal backfill. Appropriately concentrated backfill with the AT CELL Geocell system counteracts uneven settling and reduces vertical forces. This ensures that the thickness of the construction layer of the substructure is modified accordingly. In addition, the application of the AT CELL geocells system allows to reduce the phenomenon of the flushed aggregate, which has a significant impact on the stabilization and anti-erosion properties of the grading and embankment.

Funkcja: Wzmocnienie

The PINEMA BG geocell system, that is the geogrids we manufacture, is widely used for soil stabilisation. The main fields of application are road structures, from forest and temporary roads, through local roads, up to the infrastructure for high-speed railway traffic. Other areas where PINEMA BG cells are recommended are bluffs, embankments and levees on rivers and water reservoirs.

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Road construction

The PINEMA BG geocell system helps reduce the thickness of the base course. This in turn reduces the construction costs while meeting the required parameters of the subsoil.

Zabezpieczenie przeciwerozyjne skarp, nasypów i zbiorników

Erosion protection of bluffs, embankments and reservoirs
Soil that detaches and slides down the slope is a problem that construction designers and contractors must often deal with. The PINEMA BG geogrid system can solve this problem. The particles of aggregate or soil are closed in the cells and thus less likely to be washed out and be transported down the embankment. This reduces erosion on the secured area.

Other application

Alians Trade Sp. z o. o. has participated in a number of projects in which the PINEMA BG geogrid has been used. The most important projects include:

  • base course of bicycle lanes,
  • base course of sports fields, golf courses, playgrounds,
  • base course of green car parks and paved manoeuvring areas,
  • protection of landfills against erosion,
  • strengthening the ground for foundations and floor.
For House

The Pinema BG geocells can also be used in every household. The geogrid serves not only to stabilise soil, but also to build an artificial bluff. Another advantage is its price that attracts not only business and institutional customers, but also the individual ones can reach for the material.

With the geogrid you can stabilise soil for the construction of a:

  • house,
  • garage,
  • car park,
  • driveway.

and use it to:

  • stabilize bluffs,
  • make a colourful slope,
  • planting plants.

The Pinema BG geogrids will help you develop the land around your house or a garden in a practical and appealing way. If you would like to have a beautiful garden, you may use our product to:

  • plant plants – the geocells can be used as small plant pots,
  • build an artificial bank – the geogrid will help you shape the land,
  • make a colourful slope – the geocells can be filled with colourful aggregate and make the bank look exceptionally appealing,
  • reinforcing a pond.

The best results of household applications are achieved when the geocells are combined with our non-woven geotextile fabrics – such a structure will serve you for years. The traditional solutions wear fast and increase the investment costs, which affects badly the household budget. The financial situation is much better when the geogrids are used. Their price will certainly not affect your budget.

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