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Geosynthetics in road construction


Surely everyone agrees that plastics have become an integral part of construction or products in almost any industry or company. In road construction, this material is also often used in the form of the so-called. Geosynthetics. They are necessary in solving all sorts of geotechnical problems.

Our company offer includes various forms of this type of materials. Depending on the intended use, these can be grids (standard and cellular), non-woven fabrics, composites (classic or anti-erosion), textiles, membranes or bucket films.

Depending on the type of article, geosynthetics in road construction can perform various functions:

  • Reinforcing
  • Shunt
  • Reinforcement
  • Insulation
  • and many more.

The use of synthetic plastics for the production of this type of geosynthetics makes these products distinguished by their remarkable strength for breakage, puncture, heavy loads, as well as adverse external conditions, including even frost, moisture or Effects of harmful substances.

Thanks to these properties, you can be sure that by choosing our non-woven fabrics or nets, you are assured of their extraordinary quality and durability for many years. An additional advantage is also the fact that all the proposals of this category are completely safe for the environment.

The extensive assortment of our products ensures adaptation to the needs of both the road construction companies and private customers, planning for example. Protect the slope on the plot or create a dream garden.

The geosynthetics available in our offer are characterized by:

  • Outstanding durability and durability,
  • Universal application – They can be used in many construction sectors,
  • Ecological profile and total environmental safety,
  • multifunctionality
  • Practicality in application,
  • resistance to various factors.

The geosynthetics we propose are divided into different species. By choosing the right type it is possible to use them both to stabilize the soil, to build pavements and roads, as well as to secure the banks of rivers. These products are also widely used in the work of overload protection and the construction of grading and planting.

Our extensive assortment is:

  • Geogrids – elements created with the use of high density polyethylene, which are used in road construction, soil stabilization and protection of overfill;
  • Nonwoven Geotoths – Made of polyester or polypropylene fibres and used for the creation of public roads, temporary, parking lots, sidewalk and others;
  • Geotextiles – Polypropylene and polyester geotanings are distinguished, which are used in separation, filtration and reinforcement of the soil;
  • Geogrids – The offer includes geosids with rigid knots or glass fibers, thanks to which it is possible to Construction of new roads and bituminous surfaces;
  • Geocomposites – Multifunctional elements for drainage and reinforcement of the soil;
  • Geomats – Application: Anti-erosion protection, as well as the construction and sealing of water reservoirs;
  • Geomembranes – An effective sealing barrier with a variety of applications, In water reservoirs and tunnels.

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