Thermal insulation Paint

AT TERMO is a novelty among insulating materials and protective paints, and a completely different look at the work with these materials related. As the only one combines the advantages of these products and through simple painting work allows for easy and safe way to perform thermal insulation.

AT TERMO In addition to thermal insulation properties, it is perfectly suited for the protection of surfaces exposed to atmospheric conditions.

The liquid consistency and high adhesion allows AT TERMO to be applied to substrates such as concrete, plasters, drywall, metal, wood and plastics except polyethylene, regardless of their shape.

After drying, it creates a uniform, thin coating and ensures continuity of insulation, eliminates thermal bridges, reduces heat loss and prolongs the lifespan of materials.
Thanks to the use of ingredients from reputable suppliers of construction chemicals as well as control of the production process at all stages, as a manufacturer we guarantee high quality of the final product.

Our company cooperates with accredited laboratories and institutes, universities and scientific research institutions. We have already received many positive reviews confirming the high quality, durability and parameters of the paint AT TERMO. Easy application, price correlated with benefits, safety and ecology are the qualities that distinguish our product.

Developed specifically for the construction sector. It is used for the implementation of both external and internal thermal insulation of the concrete, brick, wooden and other surfaces of buildings and structures. AT TERMO OPEN ensures high sticking to practically all known building materials.

AT TERMO OPEN is ecological and safe for health, it allows you to carry out works not only outdoors, but inside the premises while maintaining the basic principles of Safety. AT TERMO OPEN is weather resistant and is especially suitable for thermal insulation of vertical surfaces. The paint produces a friendly microclimate. AT TERMO OPEN reflects up to 90 infrared solar radiation. It can be colored directly into any color or can be applied to the paint on the basis of water dispersions.

The use of AT TERMO OPEN material on the outside and inside of the object allows to preserve the volume of the room, does not increase the load on the building structure, allows insulation of facades with complex spatial architecture, historical objects, improves Thermal comfort in the premises, reduces the effort on the duration of construction works
Very effective for insulation of steel structure elements, hot and cold water piping and air conditioning systems. It is effective protection against the ingress of frost and condensation of surface water vapor as well as in solving the problem of thermal bridges. Proper surface protection protects against mold and prolongs the life expectancy.

AT TERMO BASIC is stable, has high sticking to metals without surface corrosion, and to building materials. With atmospheric changes it does not dust and is not toxic. Ensures high sticking to all known materials. It is ecological and safe for health, allowing its use in outdoor and indoor work.

AT TERMO BASIC reflects up to 90 infrared solar radiation. It can be colored directly into any color or can be applied to the paint on the basis of water dispersions. Application of the material AT TERMO BASIC does not increase the load of the insulated structure, preserves its original dimension and lowers the effort for the duration of the work.

AT TERMO is characterized by the following properties:
  • Wide range of application, i.a. In industries such as construction, industry and transport,
  • Protection against Burns (Safety),
  • Easy application brush or paint unit, it allows isolation of complex elements such as.
    Facades with architectural details,
  • Low labor cost compared to traditional insulation,
  • Low density of the paint, does not charge additional insulated structures,
  • Eliminates thermal bridges and provides insulating parameters with the same values on the entire surface,
  • Fungicidal properties, thanks to the alumina content,
  • Water-thinning, the paint is ecological and friendly to man and the environment,
  • which can be used to insulate surfaces such as metal, plastics with the exception of the
    Polyethylene, concrete, bricks, plasterboard, plasters and Wood,
  • No aging effect of the material, which guarantees constant insulation parameters,
  • Possibility of rapid and efficient repair in the case of point damage in the insulation performed,
  • Resistant to UV rays and atmospheric influences,
  • Polish product with production located in Poland.

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