We offer geosynthetics with the following features:


  • exceptional resistance and durability,
  • universal application – can be used in a number of construction sectors,
  • ecological profile and absolute safety to the environment,
  • multi-functionality,
  • practical application,
  • exceptional resistance to various factors.

The cellular geosynthetics on offer are divided into various types. By choosing the right type, they can be used for soil stabilisation, building pavements and roads, and for securing river banks. They are also widely used in erosion protection and in building bluffs and embankments.


Our offer includes:


  • Geogrids – elements made of high density polyethylene, used in the road construction industry, for soil stabilisation securing bluffs, river banks, and landfills against erosion;
  • Non-woven geotextile fabrics – made of polyester or polypropylene fibres, used for building public and temporary roads, car parks, pavements, and for other applications;
  • Woven geotextile fabrics – we distinguish between polypropylene and polyester woven geotextile fabrics used for soil separation, filtration, and stabilisation;
  • GGeonets – hey include geogrids with fixed knots or made of glass fibre that make them suitable for e.g. the construction of new roads and bituminous pavements;
  • Geocomposites – multi-functional elements for water drainage and reinforcing subsoil;
  • Geomats –application: protection against erosion, and construction and sealing water reservoirs;
  • Geomembranes – effective sealing barriers with numerous applications, e.g. sealing water reservoirs and tunnels.

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